Parasponsive Plus

Totally new Parasponsiv plus a special edition! Huge quantity of new features!

Virtual Tour
The world through your eyes


For all dreamers, for all culture starving people and for all curious visitors the Virtual Tour is a technological tool which can reproduce a 360° panoramic for any kind of work, museum or artistic area.
Just shifting a little bit on the choosen area, the visitors can preview a virtual walk among the city center streets where he is or visit an unknow but cherished site. He’ll enjoy the experience to be right there!
No distance , no obstacle. The Virtual Tour is compatible both with computer and mobile devices, but above all it can break down any kind of geographical, mental or physical barrier. It means that even people with disabilities could enjoy a breathtaking landscape, which is normally unreachable for them, or that aged couples can effortlessly to reach a bell tower ‘s top or learn the history of an ancient building that is momentary closed for renovation, for example.
A thin line which separates fiction and reality, where the fantasy is moulded provoking unique sensations. Such an experience which turns your senses on, plays an important role in the selection of a destination.
This is why Onsense is always a step forward, ready to anticipate people’s need, proudly competitive to satisfy them.

Sustainable Tourism
Cultural heritage for everybody


Onsense supports and promotes accessible tourism forms. All the services are concerned and developed for improving the accessibility for the receiver, whoever he is.
According to that, people with disabilities can (and should) try the Onsense Experience, the only one which turn senses on and, in this case, those more developed. Our innovative solutions are equipped with multilanguage audioguides for blind persons, and videoguides with LIS (Italian Sign Language) for deaf people.
The main goal is to promote social integrationwith the active involvement of people, who have specific needs.
Removing barriers is a duty of institutions and Onsense is committing itself a lot for this purpose in order to contribute in a concrete way to improve touristic services as regarding availability and creative use.
Multisensory communication becomes a shared value when it manages to overcome the current limitations of mobility, in favor of an universal access to culture of which everybody can take advantage of.

Interactive Signage
Tourist innovation leading your interests


Strategically placed near the most important area of greater cultural-artistic relevance, the Interactive signage is a latest generation innovative guide, based on QR codes. Once framed, these ones provide guidelines about the place and about the monument the tourist wants to visit and ,at the same time, allow to track and monitor the interest of people.
To access to the sign information you need a smartphone or a tablet and an Internet connection. This technological invention means a dynamic relation between art and user, interacting parts which are indispensable for the functionality of the service.
Onsense ensures to the customer/user the best service efficiency and a project design concerning the context needs and the prefixed business goals.
The QR system signage is beautiful to see, easy to use and lovely to discover.

2D, 3D, 4D, 5D Video
The new multisensory dimension of culture


Onsense produces multisensory videos in 2D-3D-4D-5D, key elements of cultural amusement.
Especially welcomed from a young audience and from who for the first time visit a cultural site, these videos are comparable to a time machine because they bring people inside places of remembrance, relive memories and plan virtual worlds where the sphere of creativity reaches high levels.
The users acquire informations about the past, the present and the future through a communicative channel which, thanks to latest generation technologies, frees imagination: everything comes to life with a new perspective.
Combining this strategic services with the art world means ensuring an interactive experience very similar to reality. This experience mixes the reconstruction of environment with strong emotional impact to the description of charming history and characters which have left their mark.
2D-3D-4D-5D Videos excite tourists, giving a positive and unforgettable impression on what they have seen, both for the extraordinary simulation capacity and for the important experience that allow them to explore all the colors of artistic heritage.
A winning formula of involving a wide audience.

Mobile App
Tourism and innovation through a click


Onsense provides and develops mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.
In a general view the spreading of apps has created new market opportunity, empowering the internal communication of organizations, between them and the costumers.
As business tools for tourism, the App allows to loyalize people throught a smart and friendly approach.
We provides mutimedia mobile app with all indispensable informations to visit places, sites, cities and artistic handicrafts, giving space even to local tradition, to food and wine and tourist leisure time.
They can be touristic guides to discover the territory or games through which to learn art or a tool to communicate or receive informations, they are anyway a valuable resource for cultural promotion.
The quality of an app, if perceived from the user, acts upon his level of trust and increases his desire to interact with it in order to explore better its contents.
From a careful analysis about customer needs, we built a custom-made app with a compelling design and a creative graphic, so that the final product can fully performance the need of the user interface and of the user experience.
Once that the programming phase is ended, we always test our apps on all devices to verify their efficiency and if they are easy to use.

On/Off Line Communication
Cultural tourism you always wished


Onsense is an experienced company in innovative solutions for the cultural tourism who can assists the public and private authorities in any field concerning Corporate communications.
We built marketing plans focused on the referring audience, using all communication channels to reach the main goal: to hit the heart and the mind of the tourists.
In partnership with the customers, our advisors follow constantly all project phases, from the analysis of needs to formulation of a proper marketing strategy, to the creation of an on/off line communication campaign.
We firmly believe in the sustainable marketing, that links the power of the traditional media with the new media technology, both fundamental levers to manage to communicate the important value of art and culture.

Proximity Sensors
The art whispering to your senses


Nonsense is a creative magnet able to attract the passion for art. Similarly, the use of the Proximity Sensors favors the employment of visitors from the moment when they are close to the places of cultural interest.
With IBeacon Technology, small wireless sensors placed inside or outside of a structure, create a non-invasive engagement among people that stimulates their curiosity around the specificity of art.
The IBeacon sends push notifications to the tourist who is near a museum or a monument, following him throughout the culture process, pointing out from time to time (and before them) the in-depth content of the works to be enjoyed with audio and exclusive video guides. To start the service, you only have to turn on the Bluetooth connection on your device.
It is easy to hide these devices and it does not imply the presence of impacting materials nor reference signs. An advanced tracking system, a custom communication tone … and you’re done! The traveler will also be always free to accept or reject the advice and just learn what really excites him.
Thanks to this modern system, we feed the art circuit and urge one of the most effective tools of strategic marketing: by word of mouth.

Augmented Reality
The revolutionary border of the art that excites.


Augmented reality means the enrichment of human sensory perception through overlapping virtual and / or multimedia elements to the real, hat is activated via a mobile device, a PC with a webcam or other sensors.
It is an ingenious artifice of promotion of tourism and cultural heritage, making it more playful and fascinating visit to a museum or an exhibition. At the borders of probability and with great visual impact, the user is immersed in a magical dimension, beyond time and space. And while living a unique experience, it acquires additional informations with respect to the common physical reality. This results in a greater concentration on what it displays and listen directly from the voice of the people “augmented” and a faster understanding of the proposed contents.
With this powerful tool, paintings, characters, rendering architectural projects, but also simple postcards, will win the soul of people.
Augmented Reality can be applied in various fields and, in addition to being suitable for all ages, involves no installation or maintenance costs.
It is the new art technological frontier where expressiveness and energy come together in style … signed Onsense.

Art Gaming
Head: The art is a game, learning is an art.


In the “Ars Poetica”, Horace wrote: “Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit utile dulci”.The precept of the ancient Roman poet is widespread and up-to-date, as claims that perfection is achieved only when it combines business with pleasure.
Onsense applies this maxim to the Cultural Tourism and offers innovative solutions that bring people closer to art through play-training mode.
Art is a game, learning is an art. The Art Gaming is a winning formula for children, students, adults and seniors, which touches the core of the tourism and cultural heritage, and combines synergistically the interest of visitors with the pleasure of the senses.
Engaging video, interactive games, mobile applications, the effect of animation, social media, and any other form of customized cultural entertainment will make the experience unique and memorable tourists.

Drone Video
The new horizons of Cultural Tourism


It is an innovative service that exploits the skills of the drones, which are aircrafts without UAV remote-controlled and equipped with high-definition cameras. The aerial shots so made are amazing, stable and clear, such as to remain in suspense.
Realize Video Drones for tourist purposes is to offer the public a global vision – distant or close – a beautiful city, a monument or any other territory.
The visual impact is exciting, stimulating the imagination and it simplifies the learning process of what is simultaneously described.
Onsense “jumps at” all shades of tourism and is always ready to perceive the divergent points of view. The drones based on technology have opened the door to new horizons and reached impenetrable places, closer to the point of perceiving the spirit.
Once off, it really feels like you fly and will not want to go back.

Museal Installations
The museum that you have never seen before.


Onsense can transform a simple visit at a museum in an authentic digital 3D show. It is a parallel world where the tourist is “kidnapped” by a game of lights and shadows, projections on a widescreen and animations with effects, obtained by sophisticated instruments and upgraded technologies.
Between surreality and reality, illusions and multi-sensorial feelings, the visitor wanders through history: he admires the images in the immersion room, he approaches with the interactive wall and table, he browses the secrets inside the virtual library or simply walks through the most authentic local beauties shown by videomapping.
A modern and really suggestive review of art that aims to save the cultural patrimony and to interact with its own public.
The success of Museum installations is demonstrated by the high turnout registered in the areas of interest, which have already chosen this dynamic way of living and preserving art from generation to generation.
Onsense builds dreamlike scenarios and heads towards spectator’s heart.

interactive E-book
Cultural tourism turns the page


A E-book is a digital format book accessible from a computer and mobile devices able to reproduce, in a modern and interactive way, the traditional reading process of a work, whether it is a manuscript, a painting or a monument.
E-books let you effectively emulate every action you can do with a normal paper book; the user can skim the pages, go forward and backward, insert a bookmark, linger only on the most engaging contents, and autonomously decide when you want to stop reading.
Onsense enriches e-books with multimedia elements, hyper-textual links, and, through the augmented reality, considerably amplifies reading pleasure.
The last aim is exciting people, recovering this timeless, but up with the times, art’s values of lightness and genuineness, through new eyes and perspectives.
Our Company
Onsense is a multi-sensorial communication company concerned to research and develop innovative solutions for services provided for the historical and cultural heritage. A challenging project delivered from a team’s ambition, eager to offer to public and private enterprises new services, which aims are to evaluate the territory and spread culture.
Our mission is to ensure to tourists a new multisensory experience, apt to their need through the use of cutting-egde technologies. We firmly believe in the interaction and in direct involvement of the people as essential values to restore an aware and permanent approach to the culture, to the different sites and to the history.
Thanks to an extreme knowledge of the touristic market and to a strong background skills acquired from Strategic Communication and New Media, Onsense is able to open “the Doors of Beauty” to excite the senses of the visitors drawing them to a compelling and modern dimension.
With passion and creativity we can turn your vision into a socially useful project with an height emotional impact. A new and simple way to became aware of the beauty around us.