Chi Siamo

Onsense is a multi-sensorial communication company concerned to research and develop innovative solutions for services provided for the historical and cultural heritage. A challenging project delivered from a team’s ambition, eager to offer to public and private enterprises new services, which aims are to evaluate the territory and spread culture.
Our mission is to ensure to tourists a new multisensory experience, apt to their need through the use of cutting-egde technologies. We firmly believe in the interaction and in direct involvement of the people as essential values to restore an aware and permanent approach to the culture, to the different sites and to the history.
Thanks to an extreme knowledge of the touristic market and to a strong background skills acquired from Strategic Communication and New Media, Onsense is able to open “the Doors of Beauty” to excite the senses of the visitors drawing them to a compelling and modern dimension.
With passion and creativity we can turn your vision into a socially useful project with an height emotional impact. A new and simple way to became aware of the beauty around us.