1 Virtual Tour

The world through your eyes


For all dreamers, for all culture starving people and for all curious visitors the Virtual Tour is a technological tool which can reproduce a 360° panoramic for any kind of work, museum or artistic area.
Just shifting a little bit on the choosen area, the visitors can preview a virtual walk among the city center streets where he is or visit an unknow but cherished site. He’ll enjoy the experience to be right there!
No distance , no obstacle. The Virtual Tour is compatible both with computer and mobile devices, but above all it can break down any kind of geographical, mental or physical barrier. It means that even people with disabilities could enjoy a breathtaking landscape, which is normally unreachable for them, or that aged couples can effortlessly to reach a bell tower ‘s top or learn the history of an ancient building that is momentary closed for renovation, for example.
A thin line which separates fiction and reality, where the fantasy is moulded provoking unique sensations. Such an experience which turns your senses on, plays an important role in the selection of a destination.
This is why Onsense is always a step forward, ready to anticipate people’s need, proudly competitive to satisfy them.