10 Video drone

The new horizons of Cultural Tourism


It is an innovative service that exploits the skills of the drones, which are aircrafts without UAV remote-controlled and equipped with high-definition cameras. The aerial shots so made are amazing, stable and clear, such as to remain in suspense.
Realize Video Drones for tourist purposes is to offer the public a global vision – distant or close – a beautiful city, a monument or any other territory.
The visual impact is exciting, stimulating the imagination and it simplifies the learning process of what is simultaneously described.
Onsense “jumps at” all shades of tourism and is always ready to perceive the divergent points of view. The drones based on technology have opened the door to new horizons and reached impenetrable places, closer to the point of perceiving the spirit.
Once off, it really feels like you fly and will not want to go back.