11 Allestimenti museali

The museum that you have never seen before.


Onsense can transform a simple visit at a museum in an authentic digital 3D show. It is a parallel world where the tourist is “kidnapped” by a game of lights and shadows, projections on a widescreen and animations with effects, obtained by sophisticated instruments and upgraded technologies.
Between surreality and reality, illusions and multi-sensorial feelings, the visitor wanders through history: he admires the images in the immersion room, he approaches with the interactive wall and table, he browses the secrets inside the virtual library or simply walks through the most authentic local beauties shown by videomapping.
A modern and really suggestive review of art that aims to save the cultural patrimony and to interact with its own public.
The success of Museum installations is demonstrated by the high turnout registered in the areas of interest, which have already chosen this dynamic way of living and preserving art from generation to generation.
Onsense builds dreamlike scenarios and heads towards spectator’s heart.