2 Turismo Accessibile

Cultural heritage for everybody


Onsense supports and promotes accessible tourism forms. All the services are concerned and developed for improving the accessibility for the receiver, whoever he is.
According to that, people with disabilities can (and should) try the Onsense Experience, the only one which turn senses on and, in this case, those more developed. Our innovative solutions are equipped with multilanguage audioguides for blind persons, and videoguides with LIS (Italian Sign Language) for deaf people.
The main goal is to promote social integrationwith the active involvement of people, who have specific needs.
Removing barriers is a duty of institutions and Onsense is committing itself a lot for this purpose in order to contribute in a concrete way to improve touristic services as regarding availability and creative use.
Multisensory communication becomes a shared value when it manages to overcome the current limitations of mobility, in favor of an universal access to culture of which everybody can take advantage of.