4 Video 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D

The new multisensory dimension of culture


Onsense produces multisensory videos in 2D-3D-4D-5D, key elements of cultural amusement.
Especially welcomed from a young audience and from who for the first time visit a cultural site, these videos are comparable to a time machine because they bring people inside places of remembrance, relive memories and plan virtual worlds where the sphere of creativity reaches high levels.
The users acquire informations about the past, the present and the future through a communicative channel which, thanks to latest generation technologies, frees imagination: everything comes to life with a new perspective.
Combining this strategic services with the art world means ensuring an interactive experience very similar to reality. This experience mixes the reconstruction of environment with strong emotional impact to the description of charming history and characters which have left their mark.
2D-3D-4D-5D Videos excite tourists, giving a positive and unforgettable impression on what they have seen, both for the extraordinary simulation capacity and for the important experience that allow them to explore all the colors of artistic heritage.
A winning formula of involving a wide audience.