5 App Mobile

Tourism and innovation through a click


Onsense provides and develops mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.
In a general view the spreading of apps has created new market opportunity, empowering the internal communication of organizations, between them and the costumers.
As business tools for tourism, the App allows to loyalize people throught a smart and friendly approach.
We provides mutimedia mobile app with all indispensable informations to visit places, sites, cities and artistic handicrafts, giving space even to local tradition, to food and wine and tourist leisure time.
They can be touristic guides to discover the territory or games through which to learn art or a tool to communicate or receive informations, they are anyway a valuable resource for cultural promotion.
The quality of an app, if perceived from the user, acts upon his level of trust and increases his desire to interact with it in order to explore better its contents.
From a careful analysis about customer needs, we built a custom-made app with a compelling design and a creative graphic, so that the final product can fully performance the need of the user interface and of the user experience.
Once that the programming phase is ended, we always test our apps on all devices to verify their efficiency and if they are easy to use.