7 Sensori di prossimità

The art whispering to your senses


Nonsense is a creative magnet able to attract the passion for art. Similarly, the use of the Proximity Sensors favors the employment of visitors from the moment when they are close to the places of cultural interest.
With IBeacon Technology, small wireless sensors placed inside or outside of a structure, create a non-invasive engagement among people that stimulates their curiosity around the specificity of art.
The IBeacon sends push notifications to the tourist who is near a museum or a monument, following him throughout the culture process, pointing out from time to time (and before them) the in-depth content of the works to be enjoyed with audio and exclusive video guides. To start the service, you only have to turn on the Bluetooth connection on your device.
It is easy to hide these devices and it does not imply the presence of impacting materials nor reference signs. An advanced tracking system, a custom communication tone … and you’re done! The traveler will also be always free to accept or reject the advice and just learn what really excites him.
Thanks to this modern system, we feed the art circuit and urge one of the most effective tools of strategic marketing: by word of mouth.