8 Realtà aumentata

The revolutionary border of the art that excites.


Augmented reality means the enrichment of human sensory perception through overlapping virtual and / or multimedia elements to the real, hat is activated via a mobile device, a PC with a webcam or other sensors.
It is an ingenious artifice of promotion of tourism and cultural heritage, making it more playful and fascinating visit to a museum or an exhibition. At the borders of probability and with great visual impact, the user is immersed in a magical dimension, beyond time and space. And while living a unique experience, it acquires additional informations with respect to the common physical reality. This results in a greater concentration on what it displays and listen directly from the voice of the people “augmented” and a faster understanding of the proposed contents.
With this powerful tool, paintings, characters, rendering architectural projects, but also simple postcards, will win the soul of people.
Augmented Reality can be applied in various fields and, in addition to being suitable for all ages, involves no installation or maintenance costs.
It is the new art technological frontier where expressiveness and energy come together in style … signed Onsense.