9 Art Gaming

Head: The art is a game, learning is an art.


In the “Ars Poetica”, Horace wrote: “Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit utile dulci”.The precept of the ancient Roman poet is widespread and up-to-date, as claims that perfection is achieved only when it combines business with pleasure.
Onsense applies this maxim to the Cultural Tourism and offers innovative solutions that bring people closer to art through play-training mode.
Art is a game, learning is an art. The Art Gaming is a winning formula for children, students, adults and seniors, which touches the core of the tourism and cultural heritage, and combines synergistically the interest of visitors with the pleasure of the senses.
Engaging video, interactive games, mobile applications, the effect of animation, social media, and any other form of customized cultural entertainment will make the experience unique and memorable tourists.